When it comes to Kaepernick, Ravens need to be bold

Ravens fans are waiting by their phones and laptops to find out what the team will do when it comes to the possibility of signing Colin Kaepernick. This story has taken over football news in recent days and has reignited the controversy around his silent protest highlighting the injustice of unarmed African-American victims. This news has even divided Ravens fans on if the team should sign Kaepernick or not. For Steve Bisciotti, it's a tough spot to be in because he knows the media attention will be everywhere and the possibility of alienating the fan base is at the forefront. The only aspect of Kaepernick that should be the deciding factor is, "Can he help us win?"

The Ravens have seen multiple players suffer season ending injuries before the first preseason game but most notably is the back injury Joe Flacco suffered last week. Flacco's injury is problematic because back problems don't go away, they linger, which is why Flacco will probably not play in any preseason game. So far, Flacco has yet to hit the practice field and that has left Ryan Mallet throwing the ball with the first team and it hasn't been good. Mallet, during practice, threw 5 interceptions and the Ravens have to be worried. Ryan Mallet is 3-5 as a starter and has thrown 7 touchdowns and 10 interceptions in his entire career; just let that sink in.

When it comes to a football decision, its pretty clear-cut that Colin Kaepernick is a better Quarterback than Ryan Mallet and I feel that the Ravens are waiting for Mallet to play in week 1 of the preseason before they make a final decision. Kaepernick provides something the Ravens need right now, competition. Flacco hasn't had the need to worry about his spot since he was drafted and Kaepernick provides veteran experience and playoff experience that Mallet and Tyrod Taylor could not provide. The Ravens always talk about trying to improve their team if the price and talent is right. It's time for the Ravens front office to make the move and sign Kaepernick to better this team; Flacco's back isn't going to get better through the season and Mallet cannot hold the line.


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