Explaining the NBA’s New Nike Jerseys


After the NBA announced that Nike would now be the producer of all the team’s jerseys, except the Hornets, everyone was a bit worried. Adidas has provided quality jerseys at a mediocre price, but all worries should go away after recent looks at the newest jerseys from teams like the 76ers and Pacers.

Nike has come out with brand new things such as having specific uniforms called the “Association” and “Icon” jerseys which are different. Nike also announced that teams will have the entire gear inspired by their jerseys, meaning specific socks and such that go alongside the jerseys.


That link will show you all the teams that have currently released their jerseys to the public., except for the Hornets who instead of Nike, have Jordan brand since Michael Jordan is the current owner of the team.

Something else that the NBA is adding, is sponsors onto jerseys to hopefully bring in more revenue. Some noticeable sponsorships with teams are, of course, Disney teaming up with the Orlando Magic where Disney World is located. Another one is, of course, Goodyear and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Besides that, the uniforms, most would agree do look more professional than the Adidas ones and look better overall. They look clean and fresh as most would say and they add spice to the NBA and how the business works. Though, many have disagreed calling the NBA “corrupt, and hungry for more money,” since the main purpose is to regain more revenue, AND to expand the league to a much bigger, and unfound audience.

Nike has also announced bringing back “Throwback” jerseys or the “Historic Collection” jerseys which are some iconic jerseys that the teams have worn in the past. The Detroit Pistons, Philadelphia 76ers, and the Orlando Magic are apart of the 8 teams that will have the throwback jerseys. Though one confusion has gone on wondering if the Oklahoma City Thunder will be taking part after a spokesman said no.

Overall, the Nike jerseys are most definitely the next thing you’ll be seeing on the jerseys and should be interesting how this alliance between Nike and the NBA should pan out in the future.


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