What Will Neymar Bring To PSG?



ESPN FC reports that Paris Saint-Germain has shocked the soccer world and signed Neymar from FC Barcelona for a reported fee of €222M euros. The transfer smashed the record in being worth more than twice Paul Pogba’s €105M move to Manchester United from Juventus last year.

No matter how many people get frustrated over PSG, Neymar, and even Neymar’s father for this move, at the end of the day the deal is done, and PSG now has arguably the best player in the world other than Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo.

Now that all the drama around PSG and Neymar is pretty much over, let’s look at what Neymar will bring to the French giants:

World-Class Talent:

It’s a known fact every soccer fan whether die-hard or casual, know about Neymar being world-class. When he’s on the pitch, it is breathtaking watching him play.

His great passing ability and his incredible skills make him a pleasure to watch. Arguably the most skillful player in soccer, Neymar will continue to be an amazing talent when he’s in Paris.

Stability at Left Wing:

Bringing in Neymar was a great move for PSG. It doesn’t matter how much time, effort, and money had to get him, the fact is that they have someone who can bring in major production at left wing.

The Brazilian superstar will likely play in his traditional position in manager Unai Emery’s preferred 4-3-2-1 formation. LB Layvin Kurzawa would be completely exposed in this formation, as Neymar doesn’t come back on defense, but when you have Julian Draxler, Angel Di Maria, and Edinson Cavani up front alongside Neymar, it’s not a big deal.

Game-Changing Ability:

If you’re a world-class player, you should be able to have the ability to change the game being played. Neymar has that. Going to the best example I can find, the game where Barca came back 4-0 against PSG in the 2nd leg of the Champions League Round of 16.


He was absolutely brilliant tearing apart PSG’s defense and being a complete menace down the flank. Neymar was partially or fully responsible for 4 of the 6 goals scored by Barcelona.

In order to be a title contender in the Champions League, PSG wanted a guy to get them over the hump. Teams who’re usually years contenders have at least one special player. Real Madrid has Ronaldo, Juventus has Gigi Buffon, Bayern Munich has Manuel Meyer and PSG now has Neymar.

After a relatively disappointing season for PSG, it looks like they have their man to get them over the hump, and that man is Neymar.


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