Bengals vs Bucs analysis (8/11)

The Bengals recently won their first preseason game, and they looked good doing it. The Bengals beat the Buccaneers 23-12 on Friday night. The game certainly had some good signs and some bad signs, but the Bengals won, so I’ll focus more on the good signs from this playoff hopeful team. Let’s get into it…

The Bengals began the game on defense, and only allowed the young Bucs offense a field goal. The first team defense was a little shaky, letting a few big chunk plays, but they held their ground in the red zone. The First team offense was better. Dalton showed poise and had a nice connection with Green for some good yards. Hill was exploding off the ball and showed some good running. The O-Line even held up pretty well. Our drive was unfortunately halted by an interception on the goal-line. LaFell was on a flat route to the front corner of the end-zone and Dalton threw it a little bit behind him. Nothing to be majorly concerned about. That was the only drive the first team offense would see.

A.J. McCarron went 2 drives and played solid. He’ll be playing to improve his stock, and if we are smart we’ll trade him before he’s a free agent. Joe Mixon then came in and tore it up. He had a couple good runs and a great catch+run play. He only got a couple plays, but he shined in all of them. Look for Mixon to get more carries next game. Then, the MVP came in… Jeff Driskel. Driskel played great. He was throwing strong and acurate. He was running great too. He had an amazing run for a TD. Driskel doing good makes it easier to trade McCarron.

All in all it was a good game for the Bengals. Here are some quick points to look at…

  • Mixon did well, but had limited carries.
  • The first team offense did great dispite the Dalton interception.
  • The O-Line did surprisingly well.
  • Malone had a TD.
  • Driskel did amazing throwing and running the ball.
  • Cox had a nice interception.
  • Elliott and Bullock shared field goal and extra point opportunities and they both did good.
  • Willis did good and had a sack.
  • John Ross and Gio Bernard didn’t play.
  • Bengals won.
Here are some stats…

Driskel- 8/9, 97 yards, 1 TD- 5 rushing Atts, 34 yards, 1 TD| Mixon- 6 Atts, 31 Yards| Erickson- 3 Rec, 50 Yards| Malone- 2 Rec, 12 Yards, 1 TD| Vigil- 6 Tackles| Cox- 3 Tackels, 1 Int| Bullock- 2/2 FG| Elliott- 1/1 FG…
Bengals will play again on 8/19 against the Chiefs. Look for the rookies to get more snaps and look to see more Driskel. Overall Bengal fans should like what they saw and they would be willing to bet that the Bengals are going places.



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