Sammy Watkins Trade

The Bills are known for questionable moves and they made one again. This time it was trading Sammy Watkins, the centerpiece of their receiving core.

Sammy was traded for basically a cornerback who is not that great but the big pint of this trade was the second round pick they received. This was a good move for the Bills because later in the day they also traded for Jordan Matthews from the Eagles and now own 6 picks in the first three rounds because in the deal the Bills got a third round pick but traded #1 cornerback Ronald Darby.

What this means for the Bills is that they have a ton of picks to maybe trade up. The Bills will need a franchise quarterback and with all these picks they may be able to trade up for a player like Sam Darnold or Lamar Jackson.

The Bills are now in an awkward stage. This stage is rebuilding and trying to contend because they got picks for the future but also players that are somewhat proven in the league.

The thing about E.J. Gaines is that he is just a replacement corner for Ronald Darby. Even though E.J. made the all-rookie team, he has been struggling the past few years.

Also the fact that injury prone Sammy Watkins is now on the Rams and reliable Jordan Matthews is on the Bills now, this is good and bad because of the fact that Sammy is way more explosive and talented when he is healthy but that has been the major setback for Watkins his whole career being his foot injury. Now,  Jordan is not as explosive but he is a bigger bodied, stronger, and durable receiver then Sammy.

Let’s face it Bills Mafia, Sammy was one of our favorite players because he was an all around great guy but we needed to let him go. Sammy is a great receiver but he doesn’t have the reliability that we needed on the team so our new staff aligned us with trades that will hopefully help us in the long run.

Sammy and Matthews are both on expiring contracts and Sammy most likely is looking for an absolutely huge contract and the Bills wouldn’t want that.

Bills Receive:E.J. Gaines;2018 rams second round pick

Rams Receive:Sammy Watkins;2018 Bills 6th round pick

Other trade:

Bills Receive:Jordan Matthews;2018 Eagles 3rd round pick

Eagles receive:Ronald Darby


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