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By: Zach Zaharias

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The Chicago Bears, man it’s a rough life being a Bears fan myself and this draft did not make matters better at all. This article is going to summarize every pick by the Bears in the 2017 NFL Draft and I’m also going to state my opinion on the pick as well. Hope you all enjoy!

Mitchell Trubisky

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-Selected 1st Round, 2nd overall

-Quarterback from North Carolina

-Age 22


I like Trubisky a lot, actually, and he reminds me of a young Aaron Rodgers. He steps through when he throws and hits his receivers on point. Great thrower inside the pocket as well, which will add to the struggling offense of the Bears. He is also very fast for a quarterback, recorded a 4.67 at the combine in the 40 yard dash and is really comfortable running the ball if there is room to.


The San Francisco 49ers had the second overall draft pick of the 2017 draft. With that pick, they were favored to select Solomon Thomas from The University of Stanford. The Chicago Bears took a chance and offered their 3rd and 4th round picks along with the 3rd overall pick for the San Francisco 49ers number 2 pick and the 49ers accepted the deal. The 49ers ended up getting Thomas with the 3rd overall pick but the fact that the 49ers were planning to get Thomas at 2 pretty much says we could have easily got Trubisky at 3. However, I am aware that no one had any idea what the 49ers were going to do with their pick and a lot of people, including the Bears front office, thought they could select Trubisky. It is not frustrating to me that we selected Trubisky, it is frustrating what we had to give up for him. I think we could have got that pick for a little less. There is another reason why Trubisky has me at a scare. He started 13 games at his time at UNC. 13 games and had an amazing passer rating of 157.9 but it just is not enough for me to put him at 2. The Bears have huge problems at the secondary position. The fact that we passed on so many defensive players including Thomas, Adams and Lattimore is just so surprising to me. The Bears just signed Mike Glennon this off-season for 18 million dollars and also signed Mark Sanchez for another million. Pretty much the Bears spent roughly 20 million dollars on quarterbacks to get another one in the draft. Defense wins championships, so many questions with this pick and it’s so surprising to everyone. Also a down fall about his play is at his time at UNC, they ran a lot of option plays (RPO) and once you go into the NFL, those all go away so Trubisky needs to get out of this RPO scheme mindset because the Bears do not run RPO very often.

Grade: B-


Adam Shaheen

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-Selected 2nd round, 45th Overall

-Tight End from Ashland

-Age 23


This guy has great potential to be a star in the NFL. He is 6’6 and runs a 4.79 in the 40 yard dash. He reminds me of a young Rob Gronkowski with his skill and height. His speed is still amazing and it’s hard for tacklers to get him down. Speed kills in the NFL and when you add that with a 6’6 giant, there is no stopping him. His size makes it nearly impossible for tacklers to take him down and his catching ability is absolutely beautiful.


This kid has a lot of great talent do not get me wrong at all but I have never heard of the University of Ashland in my life until Shaheen’s name was said. Incase you all do not know where Ashland is located, it is located in Ashland Ohio, a city of a population of roughly 20,000 people and is a Division 2 school. It is not where you started it is where you end up I realize that but I think the Bears were the only team really looking at this kid. Chicago could of easily got him later on with our 4th rounder or even sign him as an undrafted player. Again the Bears made a dumb decision on thinking about someone they want now and not who they can get later and missing out on good players like trading down to get another 4th rounder and then the Arizona Cardinals use our pick on Budda Baker who really could have been a huge playmaker for us. We need secondary players and especially passing on Quincy Wilson from Florida surprised me. Prince Amakuma is a great player but we need another corner on the other side. Kyle Fuller is an unreliable player and very on and off. The Bears had a lot of different corners start last year and Wilson I knew could have filled some serious holes on our defense.

Grade: C+


Eddie Jackson

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-Selected 4th round, 112th overall

-Safety from Alabama

-Age 24


This kid has pure talent. Jackson has played in a National Championship 2 of his 4 years in Alabama and knows how to handle the pressure when the game matters most. He has great potential to be a special teams player returning kicks or punts. The Bears released Eddie Royal this offseason and the returner position is wide open. This kid can also be a solid player anywhere in our secondary. If we need a Cornerback I beat he will do really well there. Recorded 9 interceptions and has a total of 126 tackled in his career at Bama, this man was a steal to get in the 4th round.


Jackson was a second string corner behind Marlon Humphrey and all that means is that he wasn’t competing against the number 1 receivers yet he still got beat on coverages. Another problem this kid has is that he over purses a lot when there is a cornerback blitz. One thing he has to learn is not over pursuing. Jackson gets in the backfield a lot on a blitz and goes full speed but if you are running full speed at a running back and don’t pull out the brakes to slow down and square up, you are going to get spun out or juked out.

Grade: B


Tarik Cohen

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-Selected 4th round, 119th overall

-Running back from North Carolina A&T

-Age 21


This kid has a lot of great to him that we do not see to often now and days. He is a very shifty guy and has great moves once he gets into open space. He knows how to work around defenders as well as break off tacklers. He also had an amazing 40 time at 4.42! He is like Christian McCaffery JR but very underrated. Cohen runs so quick and has amazing reflexes when it comes to tacklers trying to get him. He is also great runner running up the middle as well as screen passes.


Jordan Howard last year had 1,313 yards and it was second most in the NFL behind Ezekiel Elliott. Howard started only 12 games and was amazing last year. Why do the Bears need another running back? Langford is a decent backup. Cohen will not start unless Howard gets injured but there are so many other holes to fill rather than the running back position. Our defensive line is still shaky and Chicago still could use another wide receiver to help out Trubisky/Glennon. His size also worries me. 5’6 for a football player is very very short. Running the ball is not a problem but if the Bears want him to go out for passes and catch some deep balls, it is going to be hard because the secondary already has 6 inches on him. Also on outside runs he needs to learn to take better angels because he is getting eaten up in the back field.

Grade: B-


Jordan Morgan

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-Selected 5th round, 147th overall

-Offensive Guard from Kutztown

-Age 24


Our offensive line is one of the biggest needs for the Bears and why the Bears were so bad last year. Our quarterbacks got sacked 28 times and adding another Offensive Lineman is a good move. Morgan will make a great backup behind Long and Sitton. He has great legs which is so beneficial when it comes to the running game. He takes short, fast steps to drive lineman down the field and also uses the kick step method when pass blocking which is a major key. Ran a 5.36 on combine day and weighs in at 309 LBS so he is fast for his size.


Even though the Bears needed more offensive line we ended up getting a guard. We have Josh Sitton and Kyle Long as our guards. Yes Kyle Long did get injured last year and yes that is concerning for the 2017-2018 season but if we were gonna get an offensive linemen it would have been more beneficial of getting a tackle to fill our needs then fill backups at a position we are already good at. He also has the tendency to keep his hands high when he blocks causing him to yank on to jersey. NFL defensive lineman know how to show the refs that they are holding and Morgan likes to keep his hands towards the outside and rip shoulder jersey.

Grade: B+

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Overall the Bears had probably the most controversial draft in their franchise. Trading up one pick to select a Quarterback even though we put 20 million in free agency on Quarterbacks and spending our 2nd round pick on a D2 Tight End. I think at the end of the day though we did fill the positions we needed to get filled it was just when we drafted the players we did what was so questionable. I give the Bears a B- in this draft because of the decisions they made in the situations when they got them. I hope these rookies do amazing next year in the NFL and I’m excited for their career. We also selected only 2 guys from a D1 school. Maybe we can prove people wrong with it doesn’t matter where you go, it matters where you end.


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