Top 7 NFL Rookies To Watch

After last years draft that was filled with rookies that made a substantial impact on their teams in their rookie year; the 2017 NFL Draft seemed to have more of the same in store for the league. Now players like Myles Garrett, Leonard Fournette, and Christian McCaffery have to live up to the hype. Here are the top 7 rookies who will make a substantial impact in their rookie year.

7. Christian McCaffery: Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers certinaly made their rushing game better after they selected McCaffery with the 8th pick in the draft. Not only does the addition of McCaffery help Cam Newton out on offense; it helps Cam’s health. Now that Cam has a duel threat coming out of the backfield defenses will think twice before rushing him. If the Panthers use McCaffery in an option based offense then look for him to have a monster rookie season

6.  Jabrill Peppers: Cleveland Browns

Calm down I understand that McCaffery may have better stats than Jabrill, but I believe Jabrill can have a bigger impact for his team because of the versitility that he brings. The Browns could move him anywhere on the defensive side of the ball. The only downside to Jabrill is that he did not show the ball hawking skills that most safety type players usually have in college. Although he may not bring wins to an attitude the Browns desperately need.

5. Joe Mixon: Cincinnati Bengals

Despite his off the field issues Joe Mixon is one of promising talents coming out of this years draft class. The Bengals already have a solid backfield, but the addition of Mixon could take their offense to the next level.

4. John Ross: Cincinnati Bengals

John Ross may not be the number one receiver in this offense although he sure will be a close second. This was one of the best pickups in the draft. Now not only do defenses have to defend AJ Green; they have to worry about Mr. 4.22 as well.

3. Myles Garrett: Cleveland Browns

Every team knows that defense wins championships, so no one was surprised when Cleveland went that route this year. With that being said; Myles Garrett has to produce. Garrett has the potential to have whole offensives schemes designed to stop him if he puts in the work.

2. Leonard Fournette: Jacksonville Jaguars

Fournette was nothing less than spectacular with LSU but now he has to live up to the expectations. The fact that he is under a offensive line minded head coach and he will have a decent passing game to even out the touches Fournette will most likely have a tremendous rookie season.

1.Deshaun Watson: Houston Texans

The Houston Texans have been in the playoffs in recent years for one reason: defense. The Texans have a championship defense and a great young receiver in Deandre Hopkins, but they have never had a solid quarterback until now. Watson is young, but he has all of the tools to lead a team to the playoffs. Watson will thrive in this offense just watch.

These seven players have the potential to be stars in this league. But only time will tell if they are studs or bust.




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