Bengals vs Chiefs Analysis-8/18

After the Second week of Pre-Season football, the Bengals are 1-1. Saturday night the Bengals lost to the Chiefs 30-12. The game highlighted a lot of the Bengals weak points, but there was some God’s things to takeaway. Shall we begin?

The Bengals started out well. The starters went 3 drives and accounted for 2 Field Goals and a Punt. Dalton looked good and was VERY calm in the pocket. Hill was getting some good touches. Green had a couple good catches. The O-Line was better than normal but still had some weak moments. On Defense, Vigil was everywhere with 8 tackles in the game. Burfict had a couple good tackles as well, but the Chiefs scored a field goal and 2 touchdowns on their first 3 drives.

Then McCarron came in… He didn’t look like he wanted to be there. He was rushing all of his plays and was playing at half-energy. He almost threw for 100 yards, but he threw an INT. He threw the ball a little ahead and a little above the reciever and it was tipped into the defenders hands. Joe Mixon saw little play, and only accounted for 16 rushing yards. He did have a nice 15 yard catch though. Malone was shining in the receiving end of things. He was bodying out the defenders and making solid catches. He is something special for sure. Boyd and Erickson also also led the way with some good receiving yards. The Defense was doing okay, but I’m done summarizing the game and I’ll let the stats do the rest…

Here are some key stats… Dalton- 7/13, 98 yards| Hill- 6 Carries, 28 Yards| Mixon- 6 Carries, 16 Yards| Boyd- 2 Rec, 45 Yards| Erickson- 3 Rec, 43 Yards| Malone- 3 Rec, 35 Yards| Vigil- 8 Tackles| Burfict- 6 Tackles, 1 Sack| Willis- 2 Tackles, 1 Sack| Elliott- 2/2 FG| Bullock- 2/2 FG|

Now let’s look at these good and bad takeaways…


  • First team offense looked good (Even the O-Line).
  • Malone showed that he deserves a chance to play a lot.
  • Boyd and Erickson both did great.
  • Don’t forget about Tre Carson… He’s pretty good.
  • Vigil is a BEAST.
  • Burfict is looking better than ever.
  • Willis and C. Smith are insane (the good kind).
  • I like what I see from Cox… He has a good chance of making the roster.
  • The kicker “battle” will be tough (again, a good thing).
  • This is only Pre-Season.


  • Mixon got limited carries.
  • The O-Line still had weak spots… Especially the backups.
  • Shawn Willians got hurt. (4-6 weeks)
  • Nickerson got hurt. (?)
  • Our backup D-Line COULDNT STOP THE RUN. (It was embarrassingly bad)
  • McCarron needs to be traded or needs to do better because his “stock” is down.
  • Driskel got very limited play.
  • Ross and Bernard still didn’t play.
  • Iloka is still hurt… He should be back soon.
  • Bengals lost.

Overall, not a great game for the Bengals. They never recorded a touchdown. They couldn’t stop the run. But it’s pre-season… I’ll get over it. Also, Brandon Thompson, Karell Hamilton, and Stanley “Boom” Williams have been released… Good move, but I was excited to see Williams play. Stay tuned for other articles coming soon… Who Dey!!!

-Jackson Sizemore

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