Ranking All 32 NFL Stadiums Part 1

Photo credit: Rich Graessle

In this article I will be ranking all 32 current NFL Stadiums. These will be based on how kept the stadium, field, and such are upheld.

31. Oakland Coliseum – Oakland Image result for oakland coliseum raiders

When the coliseum was built, it was considered a great idea to have baseball and football teams play in the same facility. It also inspired legendary stadiums such as the Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium and the Houston Astrodome. However, the coliseum itself is now considered by many to be the worst NFL stadium in the current day. The bathrooms, concessions, and pro shops are all low quality. Baseball dirt on a football field is just a big no, and the whole layout of the stadium is quirky and awkward.

30. StubHub Center – Los Angeles Chargers

Image result for stubhub center chargers

This stadium is a soccer stadium, and is not suitable for football. With a capacity of 20,000 the Chargers will sell out every game easily. The stadium itself outside of the field is nice. But, due to the stadium being so small, and it not meant for football just docks it so much. In my opinion, there is almost no chance this stadium will propel itself into one of the best stadiums this year.

29. Nissan Stadium – Tennessee Titans

Image result for nissan stadium

If the Titans had beautiful downtown Nashville showing more, this would be great. But, you only see the tips of some buildings, which, unfortunately, makes for it to be not as great as it could have been. Not many fans show up to support their team on Sunday home games. It would for sure been higher on the list of the field was kept up better and you could see photogenic downtown Nashville. But, due to it not being that way, it has came to twenty-ninth on our list.

28. FedEx Field – Washington Redskins

Image result for fedex field

I hate to be dissing the nation’s capital’s team, but, FedEx Field is not great. In my opinion, closed stadiums (stadiums with no exterior view) are terrible. I feel like giving a stadium a background just gives it pride of their location. For example, US Bank Stadium has downtown Minneapolis through their windows, and how Century Link Field in Seattle has views of downtown Seattle, which gives the stadium a sharp look. The reason it’s at 28 and not at 29 is because their actual stadium and field is kept up nice. For another thing, getting to the stadium itself is often long and busy. It also has nice bathrooms, and other aspects outside of the view category.

27. Mercedez-Benz SuperDome – New Orleans Saints

Image result for superdome

Half the stadium was practically torn off during Hurricane Katrina. Ever since, the SuperDome isn’t nearly as spectacular as it was. Everything was nice and then it was just kind of dead. Many renovations took place, but it was never the same. Going there just doesn’t have the same vibe. If only Katrina never occurred, the SuperDome would still be one of the best stadiums today.

27. Metlife Stadium – New York Jets + Giants

Image result for metlife stadium

Like several other stadiums already listed, the closed-in factor of this stadium puts it lower on my list. However, everything is kept up nice, and always has good turn-outs. The luxury and money of living in the Big Apple is really paying off for this stadium in the long run.

26. Bank of America Stadium – Carolina Panthers

Image result for bank of america stadium

This stadium is half closed-in and half open. You see bits and pieces of downtown Charlotte, but very little. There is no open atmosphere to the stadium. It is all closed in. It is higher on the list because if you’re a kid when you go, the odds are that you’ll leave the stadium with a football, which you get nowhere else. However, they’re field conditions are often rough, and do not look well. I can’t imagine how rock hard the dirt gets during a game.




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