Cincinnati is in for history-Part Three

(Will Brinson / US Presswire)

The Cincinnati Bengals’ offense year-in and year-out is always impressive, but this year, they will unleash fire and fury like the world has never seen. No, I’m not making fun of the United States of America’s President Donald Trump’s remarks about possible nuclear war with Kim Jong Un’s North Korea, but I am predicting what A.J. Green and Andy Dalton’s offense will be capable of this year.

Bengals’ third-string quarterback Jeff Driskel said, “I love the culture. It’s a culture that expects to win, it’s a culture that really roots for each other and rallies together.” Driskel is right that Cincinnati expects to win and they do this because of their incredible offense. Driskel continued by saying, “I think it’s a talented group, I think it’s a group that has a lot of upside and a group that plays well together, so, I’m excited for those guys and I know they’ll be ready once the season gets rolling and everything gets set in stone.”

Once Sunday comes around for their game against the Baltimore Ravens at 1:00 pm Eastern Standard Time at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio, they’ll have most of the pieces that will make their offense great. They have a star-studded starting quarterback in Dalton, wide receivers in Green, Tyler Boyd and Brandon LaFell and a threefold nightmare for the defense at running back in Jeremy Hill, Giovani Bernard and rookie Joe Mixon.

In the first installment of this Cincinnati-centered series of articles, I talked about how helpful Mixon will be this year and I discussed in the second piece of this series how there are some positives the Bengals’ defensive end, as well. Now, I’m onto how the Bengals’ offense is awesome.

Despite missing rookie wide receiver John Ross due to injury for Weeks One and Two, the Jungle will be off to the races for another playoff appearance, maybe a bye week in the postseason and maybe, finally, a postseason victory. As Mixon said, “This will be electrifying.”

First of all, Dalton had a great year last year, despite missing the playoffs: he passed for 4206 yards, 18 touchdowns and only eight interceptions. With a beefed up set of running backs, that also gives him the option of handing the ball off to this newfound speed.

As always, Green is projected to be one of the best wide receivers in the NFL; his fantasy ranking was ninth in the entire league. The six year veteran is a six-time Pro Bowler and last year, in his ten games, he caught for 964 yards, four touchdowns and he caught 66% of the passes thrown to him.

His contemporary, LaFell, is a bit of sleeper player, as well. As the secondary target for Dalton (behind, first, Green, then Boyd, LaFell caught for 862 yards, six touchdowns and he caught 60% of the passes thrown to him.

The third piece of the Cincy wide receiver trio, Boyd, is a budding star, who hopes to conquer the league alongside Green, LaFell and, eventually, Ross. Last year, the rookie Boyd caught for 603 yards, one touchdown and he caught 68% of the passes thrown to him.

Ross, though he’ll miss Weeks One and Two versus the Baltimore Ravens and the Houston Texans, respectively, is sure to play a big role this season in the Jungle’s success. In his final year at Washington, Ross caught for 1150 yards, 17 touchdowns and he averaged 14.2 yards per reception. That’s a first down and then some everytime he catches the ball; Dalton’s got a brand-new, very promising target, now.

Eifert, the tight end, is the factor that not only uses finesse, but just, mere brute strength. The tank known as “Matchup Monster,” in only eight games last year, caught for 394 yards, 5 touchdowns and 13.6 yards per reception. Most of those plays are ones where he muscles out the last six yards or where he muscles his way through defending arms to catch the football.

The running game, as mentioned in Cincinnati is in for history-Part One will be exciting. With the leadership of Hill and the mixture of Bernard and Mixon.

The final chapter of this series of articles, “Cincinnati is in for history-Part Four,” will come out early tomorrow. It’s a preview for Opening Day against the Ravens and things are looking up for Cincinnati.


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