Take Aways from Bills Week 1

            Via: The Associated Press

The Buffalo Bills have won there first game of the season at home.As of right now they have sole possession of the AFC East.

The Bills had some good and bad plays but also keep in mind this game was against the Jets (not trying to take any credit away from a great win). I had the pleasure of seeing the game in person.

One good takeaway from the game was that the defense was doing a great job of holding the Jets to only field goals the whole game and zero points in the first and fourth quarters of the game. Also Tyrod looked a little shaky early on but soon enough he found his groove and started to get comfortable. Tyrod on his first drive threw an interception but it wasn’t all his fault, yes the throw could have been better placed but it still went through the receivers hands and there is no excuse for that and it then fell right into the Jets hands. It looks like as of right now Charles Clay is the big passing target for the offense.

Lesean “Shady” McCoy had a great game as well he combined for a grand total of 159 scrimmage yards and 110 of those yards were on the ground running the ball 22 times. Also Shady didn’t do too great running until we were actually able to have an impact in the passing game when Tyrod struggled early on to get things rolling in the Bills favor. The Bills looked very competitive in the game and Bills fans noticed it they were very loud during this game!

On the other side though the Bills did commit a lot of penalties early on. The thing is in the power rankings the Jets are ranked 32nd in the league and the Bills I believed shouldn’t have kept it so close for so long. After the first quarter the score was still tied at ZERO.Then at the end of the second it was 7-6 Bills. At the end of the third then the Bills were only ahead by two the score was at 14-12. Both defenses played fairly well against the offenses.

The Final score of the game was 21-12 with the Bills getting the win! The final take away from this game is if the Bills can avoid costly penalties and Tyrod is comfortable this team actually can contend,even though again it was still the 32nd ranked Jets who are in fact projected to go 0-16.


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