Top Ten MLB Stadiums

  1. Minute Maid Park – Houston, TX

Whenever you have the best MLB team with a train in your stadium, you have to know Minute Maid Park won’t disappoint.

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  1. Miller Park – Milwaukee, WI
    If you have a giant slide in your stadium with sausages who can run you have a good shot at making this list.

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  1. Chase Field – Phoenix, AZ

Baseball in the heat is already tough, but in Arizona, the D-Backs have A/C and a pool in their stadium! Talk about convenient.

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  1. Wrigley Field

On the very low chance you don’t know, Wrigley is one of the most historic stadiums of all time. Its trademark is the ivy in the outfield wall, the ivy is the only padding protecting outfielders from the hard brick wall that lies behind it.

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  1. Kauffman Stadium – Kansas City, MO

I feel like the best architects built this stadium. With a giant waterfall in the back to the giant royal scoreboard in the outfield, Kauffman Stadium is one of the must-see ballparks.

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  1. AT&T Park – San Francisco, CA

I think this is one of the most beautiful stadiums of all time. AT&T Park gives you the lakeside feel, as it is the only ballpark where fans are in canoes outside the stadium waiting for a dinger.

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4. Busch Stadium – St. Louis, MO

Busch is a historic-style park featuring downtown St. Louis in its outfield backdrop. It also has one of the most iconic monuments in american history in its backdrop, the St. Louis Gateway Arch. (Gateway to the West)

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3.PNC Park – Pittsburgh, PA

PNC Park is very similar to AT&T Park but with even more of an iconic backdrop. PNC faces downtown Pitt and a river. So, with the lakeside feel with downtown Pitt, that totals for a pretty beautiful ballpark.

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  1. Marlins Park – Miami, FL

Marlins Park is, in my opinion, the most beautiful ballpark of today. It includes some weird art-sculpture fish thing in the outfield and a built in aquarium! Like, who wouldn’t want to be there?

Image result for marlins park

1.Fenway Park – Boston, MA



Despite how hard it is to find a parking spot, Fenway Park is the most historic and iconic stadium currently, it consists of the Green Monster, with its historic touch makes it my favorite stadium of today.

Image result for fenway park


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