6 NBA Teams that Need to Relocate and 12 Possible Options

In this article, I will list ten NBA teams that need to relocate and 12 possible options. (Two options for each team)

6. Memphis Grizzlies

Grizzlies in Memphis? Either change the team name or just move. Memphis doesn’t get great attendance and without Zach Randolph I don’t know if they would get anyone there. Plus, naming a team the Grizzlies that is located in Tennessee is just not smart.

Possible Locations: Kansas City, MO or Omaha, NE

Between two urban communities, KC and Omaha only have two pro sports teams, and both are in K City. The closest team are the Timberwolves which are six hours away from both cities. That or the Bulls who are between eight and ten hours. What is the NBA waiting for? Bring basketball to the Midwest!

5. Sacramento Kings

The Kings are one of FOUR NBA teams in California. Many states have zero and four teams in Cali just makes no sense. Three I can understand, but four? C’mon!

Possible Locations: Seattle, WA and Vancouver, BC, Canada

Reincarnation of the Sonics or Vancouver Grizzlies? Why not? Both city’s teams had good attendance but lost teams due to budget cuts and new owners. Don’t take a team for granted, is one thing I think both these cities is not to take a team for granted. Both cities deserve a team back. Why not pull through?

4. Charlotte Hornets

Bright future, combined with a terrible crowd equals what? A no longer bright future. A new rebuild with a new city will just be a rebirth for this franchise to thrive for greatness. It will all start with a supportive city.

Possible Locations: Louisville, KY, and Pittsburgh, PA

Louisville, Pitt, and Duquesne each get great turnouts for each and every basketball game.  Great school spirit. Pittsburgh has some of the most dedicated fans in all sports and everybody in Louisville is a die-hard Cardinal fan. With a new KFC Yum! Center in Louisville, an NBA team isn’t out of the picture. Why not make Pitt a big four city and give Louisville the team they deserve?

3. Indiana Pacers

I’ve never been impressed with the Pacers arena, and they don’t have a great fan base. With PG13 gone to OKC, the Pacer attendance is going to down even more. Just move them to a new city for a great fanbase!

Possible Locations: The Dakotas or Little Rock, AK

Well, let’s see, the Dakotas have no pro teams and combined have a much larger population than Sacramento. Little Rock seems to be hungry for a sports team, and with NBA relocation in the foreseeable future, cities should propose to the NBA for a team.

2. New Orleans Pelicans

The Pelicans don’t get good attendance despite having two all-stars which most teams can’t say. Outside of last years All-Star game, no good NBA events have come out of NOLA. Let’s just give them a new start somewhere else.

Possible Locations: Albuquerque, NM and St. Louis, MO

Albuquerque is as big as Minneapolis and Milwaukee, and St Louis just lost a sports team and would bring a warm welcome to the Pelicans or any squad. The only thing is Albuquerque is fairly close to Phoenix, which already is a big four city, but that wouldn’t hold back Albuquerqans from cheering on a one and only team.

1. Brooklyn Nets

Besides a nice area, there’s no reason to attend a Nets game, and Brooklyn fans agree. The Knicks are a big deal in NYC and have the Mecca of the NBA as the Madison Square Garden. A different city would love to welcome a team, no matter how well the play.

Possible Locations: Baltimore, MD, and Richmond, VA

Baltimore does well with the Ravens and Orioles, and Richmond would love to have one pro team. We’ve already seen one-big four markets succeed in cities like Portland and OKC, and Richmond would love to join that list.
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