My Top Ten MLB Uniforms

This article is about my favorite uniforms of today’s baseball worn.


  1. Seattle Mariners

With the nice turquoise colors in one of their alternate unis, the Mariners’ jerseys look pretty cool on the baseball diamond.

Image result for jean segura

  1. Tampa Bay Rays

The switch from Devil Rays to Rays was a smart decision in my opinion. But, Tampa has managed to pump out some pretty amazing teal uniforms.

Image result for chris archer

8. Colorado Rockies

Their sleeveless black jerseys do not look the best in the world, but their purple jerseys with pinstripes, are a smart combination that I would not have thought of.

Image result for nolan arenado

  1. Milwaukee Brewers

Providing a darker shade of blue to the classic ball and glove logo on a uniform seems to come off well as the yellow mirroring the number and name while outlining the sleeve leaves it to a nice jersey.

Image result for orlando arcia

  1. Cleveland Indians

The Indians’ alternate unis have a great shade of blue along with a nice shade of scarlet, provide an eye-popping jersey that really blends well with the personality and city of Cleveland. 

Image result for jason kipnis

  1. Baltimore Orioles

With their offense coming along, the Baltimore Orioles have come out with a flawless orange uni to make their skill look even better than Manny Machado’s insane plays. 

Image result for manny machado

  1. Texas Rangers

With the addition of Lucroy, he looks pretty well in a Rangers jersey. Especially their scarlet jerseys.

Image result for jonathan lucroy rangers

  1. Boston Red Sox

No, I’m not talking about their classic jerseys, I’m talking about their new midnight navy uniforms.

Image result for hanley ramirez

  1. Pittsburgh Pirates

Despite not starting too well this year, the Pitt Pirates really have some nice black jerseys which blend well with a nice shade of yellow and a white border. 

Image result for andrew mccutchen


  1. Arizona Diamondbacks


I’m sure playing ball in Arizona isn’t easy due to the heat, but, to make things better, the D-Backs have some pretty lit unis, on both of their red and teal uniforms, with a savage hat. 

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