Top Ten MLB Logos of All Time

  1. Montreal Expos

To some, the old Montreal Expos logo just kind of looks like of a blob. But, actually it has a red, white, and blue M, with at the left end of the M is an E, for Expos.

Image result for expos logo

  1. Cincinnati Reds

This classic Reds logo is a man with a nice mustache and baseball head running, with the classic Red Stockings name.

Related image

  1. Toronto Blue Jays

With a Blue Jay as a mascot, Toronto managed to design a pretty neat logo with the jay near a baseball, and the classic Canadian maple leaf symbolizing they are the only Canadian MLB team.

Image result for blue jays logo

7. Colorado Rockies

This Rockies logo has the Rocky mountains in the back, in which their team is named after. Also, it has a flying baseball, which is obviously a home run due to their mile-high elevation. The ball was crushed so hard it is even going over the mountain! Talk about a slugger.

Image result for rockies logo

  1. Baltimore Orioles

This classic Orioles logo consists of a bird (an oriole) getting ready to bat at the plate. I really don’t know why, but I think this logo is really stunning.

Image result for orioles logo

San Diego Padres

Ah, the classic Padres logo. A guy (a padre) taking a huge swing with a baseball bat. But missing, miserably. To make things worse, the guy is wearing flip flops! Like, what the heck?! The reason this is on here is because it symbolizes the Padres, going 68-94 last year.

(No offense to Padres fans)

Image result for padres old logo

  1. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

The Angels logo doesn’t really have anything special, but it just simply looks good. With an A, either symbolizing Angels or Anaheim, looks pretty neat, rocking the tiffany font. At the top is a ring or a hoop, symbolizing a halo, or an angel.

Image result for angels logo


  1. Kansas City Royals

The  Kansas City Royals have one of the coolest nicknames of each MLB team. It has a crown at the top, symbolizing the royalty of the Kansas City Royals.  

Image result for royals logo


  1. Houston Astros

This ancient Astros logo has the classic AstroDome in the logo, with flying baseballs, representing home runs, which could represent the 2017 Astros’ amazing start to this current season

Image result for astros old logo

1. Milwaukee Brewers

You may be wondering, why a simple ball glove is my number one. Look carefully at the fingers at the top, there are only four. In the top right, the fingers make an M, for Milwaukee. The fourth finger and the ball make a B, for Brewers. And, there you have it, Milwaukee Brewers.

Image result for brewers ball and glove logo


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