Top Ten MLB Mascots

Mascots, we all love them. From having a baseball as a head, having a really large nose, or even having their own slide, mascots are always fun to watch. So, I gave you my top ten current mascots.

  1. Screech – Washington Nationals

Screech is a bald eagle, representing the nation’s bird, which makes sense because this team is based out of Washington, D.C.

Image result for screech nationals

  1. Mr. Red – Cincinnati Reds

The Mr. Red is a tribute to the old Reds (Red Stockings) logo, where it was just Mr. Red. If you want to see it, go check out my article about the top ten logos of today and tomorrow.

Image result for mr red

Slugerrr – Kansas City Royals

Slugerrr kind of represents the 2015 Royals, who won the World Series.He also has a crown on his head, representing the Royals.

Image result for slugerr

  1. Mariner Moose – Seattle Mariners

This moose just simply looks cool. I’m not even sure if there’s any mooses or meese in Seattle. But, this moose in particular, simply brightens up the game.

Image result for mariner moose
6. Orbit – Houston Astros

Even Orbit’s name is a direct symbol of the team. An astro is an astronaut, and Orbit is an orbit, with planets as ears.

Image result for orbit astros

  1. Wally the Green Monster – Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox’ mascot is a tribute to their giant wall in left field, which is the Green Monster.

Image result for wally the green monster


  1. Bernie Brewer – Milwaukee Brewers

Whenever you have a guy who has a giant mustache and is a brewer, you know you’re in Milwaukee. Bernie Brewer has a world-famous yellow slide in left-center field that he rides down every time the Brewers hit a homer.

Image result for bernie brewer
3. Stomper – Oakland Athletics

Stomper is a tribute to the A’s’ old logo, which was an elephant, who is Stomper and is still the current mascot of the Athletics.

Related image

  1. Mr. Met – New York Mets

Another mascot symbolizing a classic logo. Mr. Met is another guy with a baseball as a head. He used to be the heart and soul of the team, until the Mets crushed his dreams and switched to the NY logo.

Image result for mr met

1. Phillie Phanatic – Philadelphia Phillies

Phillie Phanatic just kind of does everything. He looks like comes from Sesame Street and has a giant nose. Who wouldn’t love that?

Image result for phillie phanatic


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