Bengals vs Texans (9/14); My takeaway

Forgive me for missing the takeaway from the Ravens game last week, but I’m back for the Texans game, and I was hoping this article would be fun to write, but if you watched the game you know what to expect. I’m not going to recap the game by drives, because all of the Bengal’s drives ended with punts, field goals, and a fumble. Let’s get this over with…

The Bengals punted 7 times, scored 3 field goals, and fumbled once. With that being said, you can probably see why I won’t be breaking down each drive. But, I’ll talk about some of the things I saw. The Bengals could not run the ball effectively. Every time they handed the ball off, it would go for a couple of yards and then get halted. The best one I saw all night was a jet-sweep handoff to John Ross, and he fumbled it (I’ll get back to that). Mixon led the team in rushing yards but even Mixon didn’t look stunning. Passing was better, but not good enough for a touchdown. Dalton was way better than last week. He had more passing yards, more completions, and no turnovers. But, he over-targeted Green early and under-targeted him when it mattered most. Erickson made a good catch and Eifert was eating up the middle of the field. Our O-Line even looked good. They allowed 3 sacks and 1 was just Andy Dalton tripping and 1 was Andy scrambling and he got taken down. JJ Watt was unable to get a sack on our weak tackles, and I have to say, I couldn’t be more proud. If we can hold off Watt, we are moving in the right direction. A note about Ross’s fumble… It wasn’t all his fault. He was holding the ball in the correct hand and was holding ball high and tight, but the defender left his feet and took a shot at the ball. The defenders helmet literally hit the ball straight on and it popped into the air and Clowney caught it and ran. Ross was then sat the rest of the game, which doesn’t really make sense to me.

Our defense was the reason we didn’t get destroyed. Geno Atkins had a field day and couldn’t be blocked. Our secondary was lights out until the fourth quarter. Adam Jones was looking great, until he cut his arm in the fourth quarter. Vigil and Rey were getting plenty of tackles as well. If you are wondering, in the fourth quarter, Adam Jones cut and irritated his arm. He stayed in the game, but he could only use one arm to cover. The Texans took advantage of this and kept throwing the ball to Deandre Hopkins, beating the one-armed Jones. Overall, the defense was pretty impressive, other than the one TD by Deshaun Watson. Special teams was good as well. Jones and Erickson had some good returns to give the Bengals good starting field position. Bullock was 3/3, which is good because Elliott was signed by the Eagles off of the Bengals practice squad. Now for my good and bad takeaways…

Good: Geno Atkins was EATING! / John Ross got his debut. / The Bengals continued to incorporate Mixon. / Green had a beastmode 50 yard catch. / No interceptions. / Dalton look better / The O-Line was surprisingly very good. / Adam Jones is back. / Shawn Williams is back. / Eifert finally got some targets. /Bullock was perfect / Ken Zampese is FIRED!!! /

Bad: Bengals lost. / No Touchdowns. / Andy Dalton was sub-par. / Ross fumbled. / Ross got sat. / Jones got a minor “injury”. / Eifert dealt with a knee injury. / Run game was terrible. / Zampese sucked. / Fans are losing hope. / Should I say more?

Here are some stats…
Dalton- 20 for 35, 224 yards / Mixon- 9 rushes for 36 yards / Ross- 1 rush for 12 yards, 1 fumble / Green- 5 rec for 67 yards / Erickson- 4 rec for 62 yards / Rey- 6 tackles / Jones- 5 tackles / Atkins- 2 tackles, 2 sacks / Bullock- 3/3 FG…

There’s not much more to look at. The Bengals sucked and the Texans won the game. Ken Zampese was recently fired due to his terrible performances these past 2 games. Bill Lazor will take over the job. I personally like this move. Zampese was only hurting the Bengals, so maybe this move will work wonders. Also, a lot of fans are calling for Collin Kaepernick over Andy Dalton. Those people are boneheads. Dalton is fine, for now. He’s had 1 bad game and 1 mediocre game. And even if he sucked, McCarron would take over, not Kaepernick. The Bengals already get bad press for Burfict and Jones, and Kaepernick would only make that worse. Let’s let Dalton ride this thing out, and if he genuinely can’t work this out soon, we’ll look to McCarron. The Bengals will go and play the Green Bay Packers this Sunday, and unless Bill Lazor is some kind of wizard, expect to see the Bengals to go 0-3. Would that end the season for good? No. The Bengals then get the Browns, Bills, and then a bye week. If they lose this Sunday, they could potentially finish 2-3 into the bye week. The second half of their schedule is relatively easy too, so the Bengals have some hope left. But let’s not jinx it…

-Jackson Sizemore


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