Bengals vs Browns (10/1); My Takeaway

THE BENGALS ARE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL! Well, probably not, but they won a game, so… yeah. The Bengals recently beat the Browns 31-7. The Bengals finally won a game, and a good one nonetheless. Andy Dalton looked great, alongside about everybody else, but not EVERYBODY. On that note, lets breakdown the game.

On the first drive of the game for the Bengals, Andy Dalton fumbled… Luckily, the game looked up from there. The Bengals came back to punt, but they then scored 3 straight Touchdowns, a field goal, and another Touchdown. The Offense was just clicking. Andy Dalton was playing like an elite quarterback. Tyler Kroft was looking amazing. Gio Bernard and AJĀ Green both had nice TDs as well. Mixon got most of the carries, but he stayed limited in yards. If the Bengals continue to play like this, they’ll have a chance to make the playoffs. The Defense was just as good. Cleveland punted on all of their drives expect for a missed FG, an Int, and a Touchdown on the very last drive. The Bengals recorded only 2 sacks, but they were in the backfield all game long. The interception came on a tipped ball right into the hands of Fejedelem. They only allowed one touchdown, and it was on the Brown’s last drive of the game. It came on a 1 yard rush from Duke Johnson. The Bengals are going to need to play good defense agin if they expect to beat the Bills in their next game. Now lets look at some stats…

Dalton– 25/30 for 286 yards, 4 TDs, 4 rushes for 29 yards ~ Mixon– 17 rushes for 29 yards, 4 rec for 19 yards ~ Kroft– 6 rec for 68 yards, 2 TDs ~ Bernard– 3 rec for 67 yards, 1 TD ~ Green– 5 rec for 63 yards, 1 TD ~ Vigil– 8 tackles, 1 sack ~ Burfict– 4 tackles ~ Dennard– 3 tackles, 1 sack ~ Fejedelem– 1 tackle, 1 Int for 5 yards ~ Bullock– 1/1 FG (41 yards), 4/4 XP

Now lets look at some good and bad takeaways…


Dalton was AMAZING. – Mixon is starting to get the majority of the carries. – Tyler Kroft stepped up huge in Eifert’s absence. – The O-Line yet again did good and they are constantly improving. – Green didn’t miss a beat. – Bernard shows why he should stay over Hill. – Bill Lazor is the real game changer for their offense. – The defense contiues to impress. – Vigil leads the team in tackles again. – Burfict is finally back. – Dennard was getting some good hits on the QB. – Fejedelem got an Int. – Held Cleveland to only 1 TD. Bengals won.


The O-Line still needs improvement. – Their running game is terrrible. – None of the other WRs are getting involved. – Ross, Eifert, and Malone were out due to injury. – Carl Lawson wasn’t as explosive as last game. – The Bengals recorded only 2 sacks, despite getting to the QB multiple times. – Defense let up tremendously on the last drive, allowing for Cleveland’s only TD. – Bengals are still only 1-3.

Overall, this was a HUGE bounce-back win for the Bengals. Everybody looked good and they finished their yearly Brown’s beating. The Bengals are now 1-3 and will go back home to face the Bills. The Bills are 3-1 and are looking like a good team, but if the Bengals even play mediocre, I think the Bengals will win. Expect to see a lot of blitz’ and Tyrod Taylor scrambling out of the pocket. If they can limit Taylor’s running, they’ll do just fine. The Bengals also should be in the market for a trade. Jeremy Hill is in the last year of his contract and simply is not being used in Cincinnati. Joe Mixon and Gio Bernard seem to be the backs of the future. With that being said, there are a couple of teams that would make sense for a trade. The Giants, the Eagles, and the Vikings. The Giants have no good running backs at all. The Eagles just lost Darren Sproles to a broken arm. And the Vikings, lost Dalvin Cook to a torn ACL. It would make sense for the Bengals to trade Hill for an Offensive lineman. Whatever they do though, they need to do it soon. Also, look for a Derron Smith and Trey Hopkins return this week. They are both battling with injuries, and it looks like they could be back on the field. Ross is still questionable and Eifert is doubtful. This week against the Bills is a must win for the Bengals, and hopefully they see another strong performance from Andy Dalton leading the way. Who Dey!

-Jackson Sizemore


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