Deonte Thompson Impact in Buffalo


       Photo via the Associated Press

Denote Thompson. Most of us football fans have no idea who this man is in the NFL. Thompson has been in the league since 2012, starting his career in Baltimore then spending 2 years in Chicago and then in Week 6, Chicago release Thompson making him a free agent. Buffalo Bills have been desperate for receivers and took no hesitation on signing Thompson to their roster. I am going to explain a little bit on way Chicago release Thompson in the first place and also the impact Thompson has done in Buffalo,

Behind the Release

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The Bears have been dying for receivers ever since Cameron Meredith went down with a torn ACL early in the year. Thompson had a decent preseason only having 95 reception yards and averaging 11.9 yards in those 4 game while also having an 109 yard missed kick for a touchdown against Arizona. Thompson played 5 games in Chicago and had 125 yards and a touchdown in those games. Now in week 1, 1st rounder Kevin White got injured with a fractured scapula and is out for the entire 2017 season. At that point the Bears were really in need of receivers more than ever only having Wright, Wheaton, Gentry, Bellamy and Thompson on their roster. Now the reason why the Bears released Thompson is very confusing. Bears needs receivers and Thompson was doing very good, why get rid of him? Possibly had to do something in the locker room or some sort, that reason is unknown but it is so puzzling why get rid of someone with so much potential?

Impact in Buffalo

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Ever since Bills signed Thompson to their roster, he has been blowing it up in Buffalo. He has had a total of 12 receptions, 125 yards and a touchdown in just 3 games! Outstanding numbers for just 3 games especially for a new team. On Tuesday October 31st, Buffalo traded away a 3rd rounder and a 7th rounder for the 6’5, 223 pound receiver from Florida State, Kelvin Benjamin. As of how much time Thompson could be playing now is very undetermined ever since Benjamin was added to their roster, but Thompsons role will be super important to this thriving Buffalo roster.

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Bills right now have a record of 5-3 losing their last game to the New York Jets of a score of 21-34. Buffalo is looking really good and the addition of Thompson has helped their playoff chance tremendously. Thompson would not be a bad addition to your fantasy team as well if your looking for a solid receiver.

Deonte Thompson finds the endzone for the first time as a Bill.

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Deonte Thompson Touchdown

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