Should Buffalo Keep Tyrod Or Let Him Walk?

       Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

The Buffalo Bills fan base is split on whether or not to keep QB Tyrod Taylor. Many want Buffalo to keep Taylor, and many want him out of Buffalo. Here’s my take on Taylor:

Tyrod Taylor is 20-16 as the Bills starting QB. In the 36 games Taylor has started for Buffalo, he’s totaled 7,401 yards, 45 passing TDs, and 14 INTs, while also totaling 1,323 yards, and 11 rushing TDs.

Strengths: He’s an outstanding rusher, and he can create huge plays. He can keep plays alive with his feet at times when other QBs can’t. He makes you question everything you thought about him before. He can throw on the move, which opens up the play-action passing game. He’s also a dangerous scrambler, which makes defenses limit the number of coverages they can play on passing downs.

Weaknesses: The reason the TD-INT ratio looks so good is because he doesn’t take the chances downfield that you would like to see from a QB. He waits for his receivers to get open, which sometimes turns into a sack or incompletion. He doesn’t lead the receivers open like other starting QBs do. He’s inaccurate with most of his passes. Lastly, Taylor won’t throw into tight-windows. He’s ranked in the bottom 5 in percentage of passes going into tight windows, dating back to 2016. Even announcer Tony Romo realized it on Thursday night against the Jets. Even when the Jets secondary gave him favorable coverage he wouldn’t drill the ball outside.

Bills HOF QB Jim Kelly had this to say about Taylor in January.

“We do not have [a franchise quarterback] as of right now,” Kelly told ESPN’s “First Take”. “Tyrod Taylor, he did a lot of things this year and last year that a lot of quarterbacks in the NFL cannot do. But consistently, he just wasn’t what we needed. He had to be more consistent on his throws. When we needed the first down to move the chains to win games, when we needed the first down to move the chains to continue that control of the ball to take time off the clock, we just didn’t have that there.”

After Taylor’s poor outing against Cincinnati, HC Sean McDermott had this to say about his QB:

“Tyrod’s working hard to continue to improve,” he said. “I’ve got all the confidence in the world in Tyrod Taylor.”

Many Bills fans tend to disagree with coach McDermott on this, many want rookie QB Nathan Peterman to take over the starting job after his impressive preseason debut. Peterman totaled 463 yards and a TD during the preseason, but it wasn’t the stats that had everyone buzzing about the QB. It was his poise in the pocket and his leadership during the games. He looked like a 5 year veteran in this league during those games.

The Bills front office added a few key additions to the Bills WR group to help Taylor. They drafted WR Zay Jones in the 2nd round, and traded for WRs Jordan Matthews (Philadelphia) and Kelvin Benjamin (Carolina). It’s clear to see the front office believes in Tyrod Taylor.



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