Tribute To Roy Halladay

Roy “Doc” Halladay has passed away at the age of Forty from a plane crash off the coast of Florida. Halladay was flying his A5 Icon Aircraft, which was the first one made and a gift to him!

As a kid Doc loved planes.Then he got one and he loved flying it as he would post videos of him in it.

Roy was remembered for a lot in his MLB career. Such as Winning the Cy Young award in 2003 and 2010. Also He went to 8 all star games. Halladay played for two teams in his career the Blue Jays and the last uniform he put on in his career was a Phillies(he retired in 2013). Doc made his first MLB appearance on September 20,1998. His last appearance was September 23,2013. To go along with many of his Baseball accomplishments he is one of ONLY two pitchers to ever throw a posteseason NO-HITTER! His record in the MLB was 203 wins to only 105 losses.

Hallady was married to his beautiful wife named Brandy. They had two kids together,two sons one named Ryan who is 13 years old and plays baseball like his dad and Brayden Holliday who is 17 years old and also plays baseball.


Born:May 14,1977

Death:November 7,2017


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