3 Coaches Who’s Jobs Are At Stake

This season has been filled with ups and downs of every NFL team. Every team has problems with players and coach’s within their organization. I am going to explain three coaches who’s jobs are at stake if they do not take their team to the playoffs this year. Hope you all enjoy and follow my Instagram page @NFLCOLLEGEFOOTBALLPAGE

John Harbaugh

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Now Harbaugh has done a lot for the city of Baltimore, he has beaten all odds and surprised a lot of people when the Ravens beat the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl 47. Since then, Baltimore has made the playoffs only one time, Joe Flacco has decreased so much and everything seems to be falling apart within their team. Baltimore needs time to rebuild their organization to have something happen again. 3 years with one playoff appearance after one Super Bowl does not make him good enough to keep his job. Harbaugh has to stay consistent and lead Baltimore to a championship again. If Baltimore does not make the playoffs, Harbaugh will be done in Baltimore. He needs to give that city hope and right now nothing seems to be going right for him.

Marvin Lewis

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The Cincinnati Bengals are one out of 13 teams to never win a Super Bowl. The Bengals made it to the Playoffs 5 times in a row between the years of 2011-2015 and got knocked out in the wild card 5 times in a row. Marvin Lewis is 0 for 5 in the playoffs. Andy Dalton is not as good as he use to be, AJ Green just took a cheap shot on Jalen Ramsey a week ago, their defense plays very dirty, the little things could make them good again. Their organization is falling apart. In 2015 they had the wild card won, all they had to do was chew up clock and then Jeremy Hill fumbled the ball which lead to a numerous bad events for the Bengals including one of the dirtiest hits I have ever seen when Vontaze Burfict speared Antonio Brown in the head. No way Marvin Lewis can stay in Cincinnati  unless he can turn it around in these final 7 games.

Ben McAdoo

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The New York Giants were favor to win their division in early August with their addition of the superstar Brandon Marshall. The Giants actually looked like they could be a Super Bowl team early on. Then Odell got hurt, Marshall got hurt and everything fell apart. It actually seems like without Odell, the Giants are nothing which seems about right if you look at their record. McAdoo has no control over the injuries which I understand but the way he treated Dominique Rodgers Cromartie after a meeting and suspended him for a game is disrespectful. Yes he was trying to send a message but the whole team turned on him. Who would have guessed the New York Jets would have a better record then the Giants? If by some miracle McAdoo sends this team to the playoffs this year, he could save his job, other wise I do not think their is any way he has a head coaching job in New York next year.

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There are plenty of other coaches who’s jobs could be over but to me these 3 have the greatest chance of being jobless in 2018. If by some miracle these teams do make the playoffs, I will say they most likely will have a job next year but these teams need to rebuild and fix their inner problems and the coaching stuff needs to change to fix them.

The Bengals should have removed themselves from Marvin Lewis after the Pittsburgh playoff loss. Wasted the last two years spinning wheels.

Let’s say it together: Ben McAdoo should no longer be the coach the of the NY Giants.


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