The rookie out of Pittsburgh college will take the field for his first regular season NFL start.The announcement comes just days later after Bills Tyrod Taylor threw for only 56 yards through 3 quarters and 10 minutes of being in the game.Peterman came in for the final minutes and had 79 yards passing,now granted that was in the prevent defense but still a great showing by Nathan Peterman.

Now the Bills sit at 5-4  and in a spot for the wildcard.So this desicion was a bit strange considering what position Taylor has put the team in so far this year,but a move that had to be done none the least because Taylor has been getting sacred of his stats lately and completion percentage as he has been hitting the checkdown route a lot these past few games.

This weeks matchup will be a good one as the Bills play the Chargers in LA.This is Peterman’s chance as the Chargers have been a somewhat struggling team this year and Phillip Rivers may be out this week.

Peterman’s background from college to the NFL is interesting to say the least.Peterman was a fifth round pick by the Bills.He impressed early in the preseason with presicion and no fear to throw the ball.Then a lot of Bills fans wanted him to start.Then the Bills sat at 5-2 and they seemed to go away,then once the team lost two straight games they came back but this time Coach McCdermott has given in and announced him the starter and the Peterman fans went crazy.

Now there is speculation and questioning though. Some are,Why did this happen?Is it just to tell Taylor he can be replaced and it’s just gonna be a one week thing?Is he the future?Is he a bust?we shall see when he gets his first start this week and a must see game for Bills fans as this QB may be the teams future!


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